Online event “Frontend Nation 2024” (подія в архіві)

Took place
4 — 7 June

Frontend Nation 2024 is the largest FREE online frontend event ever, and it is coming your way. 🔥 Why this should be on your radar:

  • Cost: Zero. Absolutely no barrier to entry.
  • Location-agnostic: Dial in from anywhere around the globe.
  • Content Quality: Brace for unparalleled insights and knowledge.

Frontend Nation is bringing the latest and greatest of the frontend world, covering everything from open source to reactivity, to live coding, to new releases!

Expertise is shared by the industry’s most prominent speakers such as Minko Gechev, Evan You, Kent C. Dodds, Angie Jones, Kelly Vaughn, Alex Kyriakidis, Debbie O’Brien, Anthony Fu, and many others.

Get the latest intel on:

  • The core and the cutting-edge JavaScript
  • Framework-specific insights on Vue.js, React, Angular, and Next.js
  • The intricacies of TypeScript
  • The pivotal role of Accessibility
  • The latest in unJS and Astro
  • Best practices in Testing
  • Innovations in 3D web experiences
  • And a broad spectrum of other essential frontend topics!

Join the Frontend Nation of thousands of frontend enthusiasts and get the greatest frontend news from the most prominent industry experts for free!

Save the date:
🗓 June 4-7, 2024

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