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Week-end full-stack JavaScript with Poker and Poetess (work-shop)

8 ноября 2014 (суббота)
10:30 — 17:30
Kyiv, 14-B Kudriashova St, EPAM Systems office

Event: 3*2-hours sessions with 15 min. breaks and Q&A.
Trainers: Pavlo Evsegneev, Oleg Gomozov
Participation: It is free in case of successful pre-registration
Number of seats is limited.

Real-time coding of multiplayer Draw Poker Game with Facebook Authorization. The whole application will be implemented using JavaScript stack of technologies. All participants can follow presenters on their notebooks and develop their own application.

Before workshop:
It is kindly recommended to read about Web Components, Node JS, Express, unit tests frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, Sinon, Mocha, Chai). Bring laptops with NodeJS, Git, Heroku Toolbelt, Chrome and Firefox installed. In addition participants need GitHub and FaceBook accounts registered.

Methodology: TDD and unit-testing
Client frameworks and tools: Polymer-Web Components, SocketIO-Web Sockets, Less, Karma, Jasmine, Sinon
Server frameworks and tools: Node, SocketIO-WebSockets, Express, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Mongo, Mongoose, PassportJS, LoDash, OAuth
Build and CI tools: GitHub, Grunt, Istanbul, JSHint, Bower, Travis, Heroku, MongoLab

Workshop is:

Interesting: for those, who follow up last trends in Web Components, and would like to practice or share knowledge with colleagues
Useful: for people, who like to use bunch of sexy build tools for Front-End and want to see another pretty example
Helpful: for person, who has novice experience in full-stack JavaScript development to increase skills in this approach, including usage of TDD and test frameworks efficiently

Our trainers

Oleg Gomozov
Senior front-end developer with four years’ experience in web projects for portable and mobile devices. Expert in many HTML5 API and W3C trends. Trainer and speaker of domestic and corporate events dedicated to front-end topics, responsive design, etc.

Pavel Evsegneev
Full-stack web developer with four years’ experience in enterprise and open-source web projects. Experienced in creating challenging web-applications for JavaScript developers. Takes part in JavaScript popularization among software engineers.

After workshop participants will:

Receive: ready funny poker application with many tools more or less used in project
Be familiar: with Web Components standards and JavaScript server-side development
Practice: implementation of Web Components with Polymer, set up NodeJS server and nice project environment with Grunt and other CI tools

Contact information

If you have any questions as for participation in work-shop, feel free to contact Iuliia Baranova:
Skype: julson_julson
+38 067 835 9865

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