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Evgeny Borisov: Practical Spring, Deep Dive Training workshop

29 — 30 сентября 2015
Харьков, ул. Коломенская, 63, EPAM Kharkiv office

Day 1: Design Patterns & Spring core

This training will cover the most interesting and useful design patterns. Less theory — more practice! During the training we will build our own framework similar to Spring, so you will be able to understand not only how Spring works from inside, but we also will go through all phases of evolution from factory design pattern to the idea of inversion of control.


OOP approach
• Anti patterns (Switch, God class, spaghetti code...)
• SOLID (5 most important practice of OOP)

Most useful design patterns
• Strategy
• Command
• How to create immutable objects
• Builder
• Adapter

Patterns implemented by Spring (here we start writing spring framework)
• Factory
• Singleton
• Dependency injection
• Inversion of control
• Callback method (Closures)
• Proxy
• Chain of responsibility

Spring core
• Spring philosophy
• Spring container
• Spring beans
• Spring context
• BeanPostProcessors
• Spring architecture

Day 2: Spring advanced

This training is relevant for Spring developers, which want to know more how Spring is working, how spring can be customized, and how additional spring modules can be used when writing full stack application. During the training we will drill down deep to Spring Core, we will see how can you write bean post processors and bean factory post processors. We will see how to configure different spring profiles, how to write custom scopes, how to write spring tests. We will talk about different spring problems and their solutions. We will compare strategies of different context types (xml, annotations, java config and groovy config). What are their advantages and when to use what? The training will cover new features of spring 4 with some additional usage of Java 8 and Groovy.


Spring XML context
Dynamic Proxy
Annotation Config
• Standard and Spring annotations
• Qualifiers

Java Config
• Bean Declaration
• Static beans
• Refreshing prototypes in singletons

Proxy Mode

Custom scopes
• Spring profiles
• Testing spring
• Java Config problems
• What is better (Java Config / Xml / Annotations)

Spring AOP
What new in Spring 4
Java 8 support
• Conditional
• Groovy config
• Groovy beans

About the speaker:
Since 2001 Evgeny Borisov was working as Java Developer, Team Leader, Java Architect and Java Trainer. Today he has his own consulting company.


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