#pivorak the 9th with Ivan Zarea and Piotr Szotkowski (подія в архіві)

26 февраля 2016 (пятница)
CoMMuna, Halyts'ka st., 1, L'viv

Lviv Ruby Community is announcing 9th #pivorak aka @pivorakmeetup!

Our Speakers:

Ivan Zarea

Ivan is a CTO at Blogant, Moldova, teaches Object-Oriented Design and Software Architecture at Technical University of Moldova and coaches at Rails Girls Moldova.

Also, as he likes to say: „Ivan builds things, teaches humans and tames a chinchilla”.

At #pivorak Ivan will show „How to build a game in 24 minutes”.

Piotr Szotkowski

Piotr is a hacker scientist: an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, Cheap Science Officer at Rebased and a founding member of Warsaw Hackerspace. When not coding (or talking about coding) he coaches at Rails Girls Warsaw and organises Warsaw Ruby Users Group.

At #pivorak Piotr will talk about „Ruby OOP Code Smells”.

Lightning Talks

(short 5 — 7 min talks about just anything that can be of interest for Ruby Developers at any position)

1. Piotr Szotkowski — will talk fast about „Integer#[]”;

2. Doina Leca — CEO at Blogant, Moldova will guide you into „Growing a team from scratch: alternative talent pools”;

3. ??? — we are looking for somebody who can give the third lightning talk in English on one of these topics or suggest your own: how to eat crayfish, how I became a Ruby Developer, my latest pain in the ass, how not to code...

Please, drop us a note pivorak.me(at)gmail.com if you want to make a Lightning Talk — you will get a video of your own talk and a small present from us (made in Australia :0))


18:00 — 18:29 — getting to know each other: kicker, snacks, selfies in the #pivorakhat.
18:30 — 19:10 — Ivan Zarea starts with „How to build a game in 24 minutes”. Q&A.
19:10 — 19:30 — Lightning Talks session and Q&A.
19:30 — 19:40 — Short Break
19:40 — 20:30 — Piotr Szotkowski will talk about „Ruby OOP Code Smells”. Q&A.
20:30 — 22:00 — afterparty: crawfish, beer and vegan snacks. Everything what you forgot to ask, you can do now.

What is #pivorak?

‪#‎pivorak‬ is a solid community of Rubyists in Lviv. We share our ruby experience with friends, teammates, students, ex­girlfriends and complete strangers (in case they all are rubyists).

Here you can drink beer, eat crayfish, and solve issues.

#pivorak is totally free (including your first beer on afterparty).

But we have a limited amount of seats. Drop us a note below to become a speaker — and get a seat for 100%. Smart, isn’t it?)

Please, register here and that’s gonna be great!

Only those who registered and got a confirmation from us would be allowed to enter.


Want to see the all the details and stay up to date? Find it here:


ну і по класікє: [email protected]

No crap. No crab. #pivorak

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