deep learning study group — organization

Dear all,

During my presentation at the AI club, I suggested a study group about deep learning.

We can dedicate the first meeting to word embeddings again (although it is not deep learning), because there are some people who already made interesting things, and it could be nice to listen to them. Can they provide their name, title, summary and affiliation?

The day could be Tuesday 10 March, Wednesday 11 or Thursday 12. Tell about your preferences here:

The time is 19:00.
The place is Grammarly.

It would be nice to get the material in advance (1 week, ideally); since this study group follows the “flipped classroom” pedagogy.

For the next meetings, I suggest the following agenda:

Convolutional neural networks
Restricted Boltzmann Machines-Deep Belief Networks (there is already one speaker)
Recurrent neural networks....

If you wish to present something, let it known! Works in progress, and even failed projects, are especially welcome!
This is a study group, and we learn from failures!

Register now! It is free!


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Коллеги, подскажите, если по рабочим причинам пропустила участие в сегодняшней встрече. Можно ли будет принять участие в следующих. Если да, то когда они планируються?

Ольга підписуйтесь на розсилки
так ви точно будут в курсі всіх анонсів. Зустрічі проходять приблизно 1 раз на 2-3 тижні.

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