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Recently I launched an educational blog “Project Management Basics”. The main goal is to help novice project managers to:
— Clarify how project management is meant to work in simple words.
— Show how processes are interrelated.
— Show how to apply all this knowledge in the real world.

Follow the link: pmbasics101.com

Your first step to becoming a better project managers is that easy:)


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The final post on WBS for now. How to use it on a project.
Read here: pmbasics101.com/use-wbs-efficiently
I will appreciate any comments.

One example is better than thousand words. So I dedicated a post to create an annotated example of WBS. It is a tool that gives enormous benefits to a project success for reasonably small efforts. That is why I dedicate some much time to it.


A quality WBS is rare nowadays. Do you know these rule and traits of a quality WBS?

Inaccurate requirements gathering is a top-cited cause of project failure. Do you have a plan to define requirements?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

No time to learn?
Find out how I overcame this problem.

Once, I had compiled all my planning experience into seven simple concepts. I used them for years now. Today I would like to share them with you.
Read full post here: buff.ly/1SS1mcJ

Do you plan project on your own? Read my story and maybe you will reconsider your approaches.
Read full post here: buff.ly/1pcZEra

Here is a story how a Stakeholder Register helps the project manager in a very complicated situation. In the end, I have included my recommendations on the entries you should include into your Stakeholder Register.
Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...ou-need-to-know-about-it

I compiled all you need to know in one place. I have also created a chart that will help you to navigate through project initiation. Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...-build-lasting-relations

You need to know how stakeholders think and be able to put yourself in their place. There are concepts that will help you to influence stakeholders and build lasting relations.
Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...-build-lasting-relations

I put up a list of my recommended project management tools.
See it here: pmbasics101.com/...ment-tools-and-resources

Have you used something new and interesting recently that is worth sharing?

There are some things about stakeholders that you will not learn on courses or from a book. From time to time stakeholders can be nasty.

Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...bad-and-ugly-stakeholders

I strongly believe that laziness is the greatest drive of improvements or optimisation at least. Proper stakeholder analysis saves your time, efforts and nerves. Find out about basic stakeholder analysis tools that will help you to facilitate your daily work for the whole project lifetime.
Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...ysis-tools-for-beginners

[New Post] How to Perform Stakeholder Analysis for the First Time

The stakeholder analysis is a technique of identifying, analysing, and developing a strategy to manage each stakeholder. Here are five simple steps to guide you through.

Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...lysis-for-the-first-time

[New Post] 11 Reasons why we need internal and external stakeholders

Before getting into the details of a stakeholder management, you need to connect with reasons why a project requires internal and external stakeholders. These reasons will help to understand the definition of a stakeholder and techniques of identifying them.

Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...nd-external-stakeholders

I published a new post recently. It is about comfort zone and procrastination of project managers. It appeared that it hit a pain spot quite a bit. Some even admitted that it happens to them from time to time.

Read more here: pmbasics101.com/...gers-of-the-comfort-zone

Share your thoughts in comments below. Do developers have the same issue?

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