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Asking for help — our colleague has got Osteosarcoma of right tibia, III stage

Dear colleagues, friends and people who care, this week a horrible diagnosis has been confirmed — our colleague and a great young lady Teslia Alona has got Osteosarcoma of right tibia, III stage.

Osteosarcoma spreads fast, it’s not enough just to remove the primary site of the tumor, prolonged and expensive chemotherapy is needed, the chance to go through is low without it. The fact that this kind of cancer is quite rare and previous experience of treating such disease in our country is quite low makes the situation much worse.

Each day is important; the question of the limb amputation is open. 20.12.2016 Alona started the first chemo treatment; however our doctors doubt the chosen treatment.

We do our best to help Alona but it’s clearly not enough. Alona needs more support. We (Luxoft employees in Ukraine) are negotiating with several clinics in Poland and Turkey to have the diagnosis cleared up and more sufficient treatment chosen.

To disclose the amount of the collection we will be able next week, but we understand now that it will cost
tens of thousands of dollars.

Photos of clinics’ statements are attached. It’s the II nd stage on the photo, but doctors have confirmed it’s the III rd stage.

Your help is needed. Even a small donation can make a difference; it may save a person’s life.
Alona is only 26 and she wants to live. We all want to see her among us.
“I know Alena personally, she works in my team.” Darina Shulga.

Bank account: 4149 6258 0405 5695
Receiver: Alona Teslia

For international transfers:
IBAN DE90 1001 1001 2620 7251 82
holder name TARAS MAKOTA

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