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ML+AI Hackathon in e-Health and Open Data was held in Kyiv on May, 20-21

2 days of continuous development and programming, the night without sleep, lectures from the experts, a lot of pizza and unforgettable experience — this is how ML+AI Hackathon in e-Health & Open Data was held on 20 and 21 May. It has united beginners and experienced participants of hackathon, mentors and guests. Already formed teams and participants, who wish to join the team, attended the event. But there is one thing they all have in common — their aim to create something new and important as well as interesting and useful. And they did it!

The participants had a really great support from the experts, among them Kostia Antoniuk, Illya Chaykovskyy, Olga Chumakova, Illya Degtyarenko, Alex Kasitskyi, Illarion Khlestov, Igor Kostiuk, Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi, Dimitri Nowicki, Anastasia Rozlutska, Viktor Sdobnikov, Vladlen Soloviov, Kostyantyn Slyusarenko, Kyrylo Tomlyak, Danylo Ulyanych.

There were awarding tickets to iForum.ua and Data Science UA Conference 2017 At the morning for those who “survived” the night — and four lucky guys get the opportunity to attend these conferences for free.

12 of 13 teams reached the final and professional jury choose three winners.
SmartCare” team took third place with their project of the same name. SmartCare is a health monitoring system with a purpose of timely medical care and health status monitoring of chronically ill persons and the elderly.
Smart Ring” project get the second place according to the expert jury. The team’s development aimed at solving similar problems but their presentation was more convincing.
By the results of experts’ voting the team “Ultimate Pobotics” won with their “public prosthesis” project which is an artificial limb substitute. It is integrated and set in motion by electrical impulses of surviving parts of the limbs’ muscles. This prosthesis should have more democratic price than the analogues.
The winning team also got the Audience Choice Award which means that not only respected experts but also the participants of hackathon appreciated the importance and value of the project.

This unforgettable hackathon was organized and hosted by Hackaton Expert Group (www.hackathon.expert) with the support of Theory and Technology of Programming Department at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and ACM Ukrainian Chapter (Ukrainian department of ACM — Association for Computing Machinery).
Hackaton Expert Group and the participants thank all sponsors, namely the general one — Ring Labs company (www.ringlabskiev.com, Kyiv R&D centre of the Ring company — www.ring.com), Infosoft Global (www.infosoft.ua), Augmented Pixels (www.augmentedpixels.com), KT-Energy (www.kt-energy.com.ua), VARAIG fund (www.varaig.com), Microsoft Research, and, of course, the partners who made a significant contribution to the success of the event: SOLVAIG (www.solvaig.com), Microsoft (www.microsoft.com), Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine, Є-data (www.edata.gov.ua), iForum.ua, and Data Science UA (www.data-science.com.ua).
The organizers’ plan is to hold other similar events. It will be even more interesting and exciting!

This is just the beginning!

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