JEEConf 2017: How it was

Do you like different IT events? Do you want to be among people with the same passion to development as yours? Discuss different approaches, solutions and just have a fun? If the answer is yes then you, at least, have heard about JEEConf. I visited this conference this year and would like to highlight this event.

JEEConf is a two days event with many speakers from different countries. There were five parallel threads of speeches.

It was really hard to choose track owing to famous speakers who came in. Yakov Fain, Evgeny Borisov, Kirill Tolkachev, Alexey Fyodorov, Anton Arhipov, Yegor Bugayenko, Sergey Morenets, Mikalai Alimenkou and a lot of other strong speakers were here. But, thanks God, all video materials are available online on the next page.

I will describe the most interesting, in my view, reports a little bit later. Now, I am going to show you a new location, where the conference was.

As I know it was the second time, when JEEConf took place at Parkovyi convention and business center, because last time when I was on JEEConf it was in 2014.

The organization of the event was thought out really well. Between speeches visitors could have a snack or lunch. The viewing platform was suitable for that as good as possible.

Also different stands of many IT companies were there and were taking part in some entertainments and just having fun. I have managed by BB-8 which was there. By the way, my colleagues and I presented the same robot to our boss, so, I have already had an experience in managing it. Everyone had an opportunity to deep into virtual reality with special glasses.

If one of the reports blows up your brain, you can collect the remains of your consciousness on a special cushion.

As I told all the materials are available online, but now I would like to present you my personal list of reports, which seemed to me the most interesting. Next speeches are not the most serious, complex or hard. They are just materials which I would recommend to my friends and colleagues for first-priority watching. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t underestimate the importance of other reports.

Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the Rabbit Hole (Mikalai Alimenkou and Evgeny Borisov)

The second day of the conference was started with Java Puzzlers. It’s a good approach to fill the sleepy participants with energy. Tricky questions from Java world to cheer up as well as prizes for the right answers.

The Art of Clean Code (Victor Rentea)

In my opinion this is the report which must be watched by every developer. And I am not kidding! What is the benefit of knowing how Spring works, how to design database model etc, if your code looks like a spaghetti and smells like a piece of... smells badly? This speech seemed to me like a compilation of best practices of writing the clean code and refactoring paths. Presentation was really dynamic as the speaker himself.

Java 8, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly [updated version] (Mikalai Alimenkou)

Another speech about the same theme — code quality. Have you been inspired by new Java 8 features? Yea, I have been too. Lambdas, optionals, streams and so on. But many of them I misunderstood. Watch this report and be sure that you use them right. Then go here and check yourself.

How much do you cost? (Yegor Bugayenko)

Are you well paid and successful developer? You don’t have any certificates, pet projects, you don’t contribute to open source, don’t speak at conferences and even don’t visit them. Books? Who needs them if you are able to find answer on the stackoverflow? Of course you just “consume” answers from there and never “produce” them for other people. But, who cares if your boss pay you good salary and your colleagues respect you? Right? Probably not and now it’s time to realize how much you cost in fact.

Continuous improvements of developer efficiency with modern IDE (Mikalai Alimenkou)

Do you use your IDE at full capacity? How often do you use your mouse during writing code? How much hotkeys do you know in your IDE and how much from them do you use in daily work? This report will help you to become more productive and efficient with your Intellij IDEA. After watching this speech I began to use my mouse, in most cases, only for getting rid of cursor from my code than do something else. Mikalai shows us which built-in tools you may use instead of your regular applications. Also you will know how to stop being addicted to many windows, toolbars and so on that just eat up additional space on your screen. This is particularly useful for the developers who use laptops without additional monitors.

So, it’s just my personal list of reports that I really like and which I advise you to watch first. The official list of the best reports you can see by this link. Of course there were a lot of technically strong speeches about TDD, Spring Boot, Mock libraries, TestContainers and others. Just go here and choose what are you interested in.

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