Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019

Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of people who code around the world.

Key Results

  • Python, the fastest-growing major programming language, has risen in the ranks of programming languages in our survey yet again, edging out Java this year and standing as the second most loved language (behind Rust).
  • Over half of respondents had written their first line of code by the time they were sixteen, although this experience varies by country and by gender.
  • DevOps specialists and site reliability engineers are among the highest paid, most experienced developers most satisfied with their jobs, and are looking for new jobs at the lowest levels.
  • Of the top countries on our survey, China has developers that are the most optimistic, believing that people born today will have a better life than their parents. Developers in Western European countries like France and Germany are among the least optimistic about the future.
  • When thinking about blockers to productivity, different kinds of developers report different challenges. Men are more likely to say that being tasked with non-development work is a problem for them, while gender minority respondents are more likely to say that toxic work environments are a problem.
  • We asked respondents to think about the last time they solved coding problems with and without our site. The data indicates that Stack Overflow saves a developer 30 to 90 minutes of time per week!

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Опыт работы

Less than 5 years
5 to 9 years
10 to 14 years
15 to 19 years
20 to 24 years
25 to 29 years
30 to 34 years
35 to 39 years
40 to 44 years
45 to 49 years
50 years or more

Возмите за пример или татухи себе набейте как во всем мире хоть на опыт смотрят. Когда видишь что то вроде ваших опросов

Less than half a year
0.5 to 1 years
1 to 3 years
3 to 5 years
5 years or more

Тогда хочеться достать свой дробовик. Сделайте и вы нормальную градацию опыта на своем сайте. Год или 4 года — какая разница?

З одного боку так, а з іншого, якщо ~60%( та й сучасного українського ІТ в цілому) аудиторії ДОУ мають мнше 5-ти років досвіду, то нема сенсу їх всіх пихати в одну категорію.

Головне ж пропустили!

We asked respondents to evaluate their own competence, for the specific work they do and years of experience they have, and almost 70% of respondents say they are above average while less than 10% think they are below average. This is statistically unlikely with a sample of over 70,000 developers who answered this question, to put it mildly.

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