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SAME-DAY JOB OFFER BY Wicresoft in KIEV (subsidiary company of Microsoft)

Wicresoft (a subsidiary company of Microsoft) welcome motivated professionals to join us within the position of Technical Support Engineer for the project of Microsoft — Office 365!

We are looking for professionals with engineering background for training and further employment as a Technical Support Engineer. In our Shanghai office, alongside other international colleagues you will be taught all required technical skills for the position. There will also be classes to help you improve your English, opportunities to meet amazing colleagues, and receive all the support needed to live a happy and productive life here.


Good English written and oral skills
Ability to work with complex procedures and program guidelines
Interest in IT

JOIN US in KIEV for the job fair:

When: Wednesday 4th September from 16:30 pm — 20:00 pm

Where: Hyatt Regency Kiev (Ally Tarasovoi Str. 5)

Don’t forget to bring your CV!

Please register for the event here: bit.ly/30wuP3j

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Kyiv ([ˈkɪjiw]) is the romanized version of the name of the city used in modern Ukrainian. Following independence in 1991, the Ukrainian government introduced the national rules for transliteration of geographic names from Ukrainian into English. According to the rules, the Ukrainian Київ transliterates into Kyiv.

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“Kiev is the traditional and most commonly used English name for the city.”...
“In English, Kiev was used in print as early as in 1804 in John Cary’s ‘New map of Europe, from the latest authorities’ in Cary’s new universal atlas published in London.”...
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Серйозно захищаєш русифіковану назву в 2019?
Зарєганий 2 вересня і з 1 коментарем?)

Ну может просто сошел не на той останивки.

Those who are interested, please check here our event poster: ibb.co/vhmF0xZ

Also, don’t forget to register for the event in case you would like to join us: bit.ly/30wuP3j

Hi, thanks for sharing this information, could you please describe responsibilities for the position?


• Represent Microsoft and communicate with Microsoft Cloud customers in APGC region.
• Manage relationships with multiple customers, partners and collaborate with MS people
• Use standard processes, implement existing diagnosis methods, solutions/workarounds to effectively deal with customer and technical issues to achieve problem resolution and customer satisfaction
• Document incidents, report customer suggestions and technical issues to Microsoft


• Basic technical skills in Windows Operating systems/Networking/Exchange Server/SharePoint Server/Lync Server products.
• Good English written and oral skills
• Good grammar and spelling in written communications
• Ability to multitask among multiple customers and applications
• Ability to work with complex procedures and program guidelines
• Patience and Empathy in customer interactions
• Active listening skills
• Inbound customer service skillset in field of software technologies
• Familiar with application tools used at call centers

Ja dumay luche sprosit chto tam nado delat? Programmirowat hot inogda daut? :-)

Kajdiy raz kogda viju vakansiyu ot maikrosoft (ili tem bolee ot ee subsidariancev) ya nachinayu nervno ikat’.
Osobenno, kogda eto prepodmositsya kak kompaniya mechti, i voobshe, bolshaya chest’.

Prosto oni ishut teh, dla kogo dengi ne prioritet, takoe osoznat mogut toloko elfy :-)

Hello. Thank you for your interest.

Actually salary depends on qualification. Besides the salary, there are also other benefits such as free accommodation, food, tickets, etc.

If you’re interested in this, join us on Wednesday for our event and you’ll be able to take with our managers and get more information. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the speech of Honorary President of Microsoft China.

Registration link: bit.ly/30wuP3j

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