Synergy of Ukrainian Tech Media

Today TechUkraine team is glad to represent the consortium of media promoting Ukrainian tech and innovative business in Ukraine and worldwide.

Our aim is:

  1. To build the platform of trusted and reliable media that create and aggregate the best content for (re)presenting Ukraine to the global audience
  2. To strengthen the messages of achievements of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem worldwide
  3. To distribute articles, news, videos, podcasts about Ukrainian IT, tech business, investments in the innovation economy in Ukraine, and success stories for English-speaking readers globally

Meet our partners, and let’s make Ukraine a leading tech nation together!

Ukraine Business News — reliable, fact-based, news-you-can-use for the investors and the investment managers in Ukraine. (7 languages)

DOU ( — the biggest community of Ukrainian developers. Media covers diverse topics of the tech industry in Ukraine, presenting countrywide ratings, detailed analytics of the IT market. (UA, EN)

SPEKA — new digital media covering IT and entrepreneurship. The platform allows experts from different companies to share insightful and valuable content. Moreover, the editorial team writes about fascinating cases and stories in technology. (UA) — media that covers exclusive stories of tech, innovations, inventions in Ukraine and abroad, and their impact on society. Launched in summer 2021, is powered by the Ukrainian-Belorussian team. (UA/RU)

Vector — media about business, technology, startups, and creative economy. (UA/RU)

The Kyiv Independent — Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, provides fair and reliable news on a variety of topics: business, tech, politics, culture, etc.

UkraineWorld — an English-language multimedia project about Ukraine run by the NGO Internews Ukraine. UkraineWorld has a network of over 300 international journalists and experts focusing on Ukraine. (EN)

InVenture Investment Media is the first and largest media in Ukraine dedicated to the investment market (Private Equity and Venture Capital) that draws readers’ global and Ukrainian investment picture. (EN/RU) — an independent media that covers the economy, business, political topics in Ukraine. presents news and stories in the field of technology and innovations. (UA/RU)

Ukraine Digital News (UADN) is the first international information platform dedicated to the Ukrainian digital and IT industries. UADN provides news, market data, business analysis and updates pertaining to the Internet, e-commerce, IT services, software development, hardware and other innovation in the country as well as to the related investment activity and legal environment.

Emerging Europe is a news, intelligence and community platform focused on 23 countries of Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus.

Everything is TECHable with Ukraine!

We are open to further collaboration — join us!

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