Design digest #17: майбутнє дизайн-систем, важливість ілюстрації для UX та Dynamic Island

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🦄 Продуктовий та UI/UX дизайн

Статті та кейс стаді

Apple’s ’Far Out’ Event Recap:

The biggest news from the Apple Event | Apple

Introducing Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro | Apple

🔗 Apple iOS 16 review: unlocking the lock screen | The Verge

🔗 A Guide to Using User-Experience Research Methods | NN/g

🔗 Beyond UI/UX, 4 ways to engage your users in the long term | UX Collective

🔗 Design Tokens — Future of Design Systems | Bootcamp

🔗 Designing Better Error Messages UX | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Why UX illustrations are crucial for a superb user experience | Wix UX

🔗 UX Challenges While Designing for the Metaverse | UX Collective

🔗 Guidelines for Testing Mobile Augmented-Reality Apps | NN/g

🔗 The difference between Gamification and Incentivization, and how to use them in edTech | UX Collective

🔗 The 10 Best Intranets of 2022: Trends in Design and Process| NN/g

🔗 How Our Organization Improved Web Accessibility (Case Study) | Smashing Magazine

🇺🇦 Як Uklon перетворювався у SuperApp: рішення та ітерації |


👁 nolk — modern brand stewards for the digital generation. Nolk is a developer of proprietary data and analytics platform built to discover, curate, and analyze millions of e-commerce brands

👁 Marrow Fine — Bespoke Fine Jewelry | The Graphic Standard

👁 Electronic Materials Office Altar I — an ultra-low profile, wireless mechanical keyboard forged in premium, sustainable materials | Andrew Emerson

👁The Pollie PCOS Program is designed to streamline your PCOS care, from curated las to personalized symptom management strategies | VOOL Agency

👁 SPARQ — The Future of Car Servicing | ToyFight

👁 Bone — Design for Growing Brands

👁 Icam Inox — Specialists in stainless steel | Studio Sentempo

👁 The world’s first NFT hostel: CHORS like a hotel, is integrating metaverse into real-world experiences | Studio Sentempo

👁 Doughy is the cleanest, most delicious vegan cookie dough ever | Udundi

👁 Finiam believes in improving people’s life through technology and creating intricate solutions that push boundaries and go beyond the ordinary | Onda Studio

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді

🔗 The AI Art Apocalypse | Alexander Wales

🔗 “I want to build a place people love working in.” Arthur Foliard on launching Koto’s NYC studio | The Brand Identity

🔗 Leading designers reveal the biggest trends in packaging design of 2022 so far | Creative Boom

🔗 Why Dall-E will not steal my job as an illustrator | Emmanuel on Medium

🔗 A conversation with Chris (Simpsons artist) about Designing Beer Cans and Friendship | It’s Nice That

🔗 Anthony Burrill’s archive site shares his collection of raw, fascinating and unexpected ephemera | The Brand Identity

🔗 Sofia Pusa’s quirky festival branding summons the spirit of Scandinavian dance | Creative Boom

🔗 Digital Artists Turning Iconic Furniture into Dancing Coat Stands and Flammable Chairs | It’s Nice That

🔗 Design Criticism Is Everywhere — Why Are We Still Looking For It? | Eye On Design

🇺🇦 Як народжувалася Сміливість. Кейс Brave like Ukraine |


👁 Wildish & Co. opt for public domain collage avatars in their identity for DAO onboarder Metaphor | The Brand Identity

👁 XXIX Flips Classic Insurance “Disaster” Scenes on their Head for an Illustrated Brokerage Identity | It’s Nice That

👁 Serviceplan’s identity for Freedom Grams highlights the shocking reality of cannabis incarceration | The Brand Identity

👁 Locale — Branding and Identity System | Thong Dinh

👁 Concrete Developers — Branding and Visual Identity | Kashyap Bhatt

👁 Wildcatter — Brand Identity | Mubien Brands

👁 Kilala — Contact Lens Identity | It’s Nice That

👁 Dave Coleman — illustrator, 2D animator & type designer | Dave Coleman

👁 New Logo for ŠKODA AUTO by Strichpunkt Design

👁 “Unique, Strange and Weird”, Takaya Katsuragawa’s Illustrations are Full of Unexpected Moments | It’s Nice That

👩‍🚀 Менеджмент, лідерство і кар’єрне зростання

🔗 How to transform difficult clients into people you love working with | Creative Boom

🔗 Building collaboration, efficiency and excellence with Meta’s design program managers | Design at Meta

🔗 Things to consider when relocating as a creative | It’s Nice That

🔗 Top tips from creatives on how to tackle those common work anxieties | Creative Boom

🔗 A Software Engineer’s Advice for Saving Social Media? Keep It Small | Eye On Design

🔗 How to write better bugs: tips to make clear and impactful tickets | Lyft Design+

🇺🇦 Ще 5 гірких уроків дизайн-менеджера, які я вивчив пізніше, ніж хотілося | Cлава Шестопалов,

🔠 Типографіка

🔗 More Than Just a “Sexy Specimen,” Good Girl 2.0 Still Isn’t Afraid to Take Up Space | Eye On Design

🔗 Serifs, Scripts & Screens: 8 television shows and movies with a spectacular use of typography | The Brand Identity

🔗 Redaction — a serif typeface commissioned by Titus Kaphar and Reginald Dwayne Betts for a MoMA exhibition titled The Redaction.

🔗 Here’s a Thought: What if Letterforms Had More Serifs? | Eye On Design

🔗 Add a Charming Edge to Your Design with the Robust ZEZE Typeface | Print Mag

🇺🇦 І свого не цураймось: українські шрифти для повсякдення і бізнесу |

🚀 Продукти та інструменти


What’s new in Figma: August 2022 | Figma

Little Big Updates: More improvements for design and collaboration | Figma


ICYMI: 38 recent Sketch improvements you might have missed | Sketch

Best practices for nailing the collaborative design process | Sketch

What is kerning? The ultimate guide for beginners | Sketch


Color and Contrast is an interactive guide to color for designers.

🤔 Інше


My Favorite Things: What is a “Favorite”? | Print Mag

Universal Principles of UX | book by Anton and Irene

Deceptive Design | book by Harry Brignull

Emma Eriksson’s top five books reveal what inspires her to succeed in advertising | Creative Boom

How a Lifestyle Magazine Became a Form of Everyday Resistance in Post-Stalinist Poland | Eye On Design

New book Spray Nation shares unseen photos of New York’s pioneering graffiti artists | Creative Boom

🇺🇦 Секрет успіху Тризуба. За що дизайнери люблять герб України? |


Joe Pomeroy’s new film explores the impact of lockdown on artists in Leeds and London | Creative Boom

What AI art means for human artists | Vox

The 12 most exciting new arthouse films from Cannes and beyond | The Glossary


Graphic Support Group: Podcast | It’s Nice That

Best of Design Matters: Michael Stipe | Print Mag

Simon Wheatley on being an outsider and why doing his own thing has shaped a meaningful path | Creative Boom

🤪 Меми

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