New funding opportunities “Development Innovation Ventures (DIV)”

😋 New funding opportunities Development Innovation Ventures (DIV)

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Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) is USAID’s open innovation program that funds breakthrough solutions to the world’s most intractable development challenges.

💵 DIV offers the following funding:

Stage 1 Grants: Pilot (Up to $200,000)

Stage 2 Grants: Test and Position for Scale (Up to $1,500,000)

Stage 3 Grants: Transition to Scale (Up to $15,000,000)

Evidence Generation Grants (Up to $1,500,000)

❇️ What DIV might fund. DIV recognizes that innovation can take multiple forms. Some

examples of development innovations that DIV may support include the following:

● New technologies;

● New ways of delivering or financing goods or services;

● New business models;

● Cost-effective adaptations to existing solutions;

● New ways of increasing uptake of proven solutions, replication, and scaling to

new places;

● Policy innovations;

● Social or behavioral innovations based on insights from behavioral science; and

● Data collection and rigorous evaluation to measure the social impacts of

promising innovations.

❌ What DIV typically does NOT fund. There are some types of projects that are not a good fit for

DIV’s objectives. These include but are not limited to the following:

● Innovations at the idea stage that have not yet been created (i.e., that are preprototype);

● Projects with limited potential to scale cost effectively (e.g., construction of

immobile physical infrastructure, including schools, power plants or lines, and


● Basic scientific research (e.g., laboratory research of a prototype with no field


● Innovations that are unlikely to generate significant development impacts that

benefit the base-of-the-pyramid (e.g., innovations that target high-income


● Planning, diagnostic, and other tools that are difficult to link directly to

measurable development impacts for people living in poverty and that reach

millions of people only indirectly (e.g., a stand-alone monitoring or evaluation


● Innovations that are applicable only in very limited contexts that limit their ability

to scale—or reach—a large number of people in need (e.g., projects that target a

very rare disease);

● Research that provides evidence of impact but does not assess cost-effectiveness

or scalability; and

● Intermediaries with an indirect impact on development outcomes (e.g., incubators,

accelerators, start-up boot camps, and other conveners).

Interested in applying? Read DIV’s Annual Program Statement.​_-_FOR_OAA_REVISION_0.pdf

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