Design digest #18: гейміфікація у проєктуванні та ребрендинг за допомогою DALL-E

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🦄 Продуктовий та UI/UX дизайн

Статті та кейс стаді:

🔗 How K-Pop Apps Create the Illusion of Private Messaging with Celebrities | NN/g

🔗 Spinning up a research plan for product designers | Shopify UX

🔗 Welcome to the new Verge | The Verge

🔗 Designing for inclusivity with WhatsApp’s product designers | Design at Meta

🔗 Create a design system teams love to use | UX Planet

🔗 Case Study: Designing star wars jewelry website from scratch | Bootcamp

🔗 How I used Notion to plan a UX Case Study | Bootcamp

🔗 I Found 4 Terrible UX Mistakes on Amazon’s Website | UX Planet

🔗 Unconscious Biases That Get In The Way Of Inclusive Design | Smashing Magazine

🔗 Accidental Dismissal of Overlays: A Common Mobile Usability Problem | NN/g

🔗 Motion design: how to win hearts & minds of your users | Muzli

🔗 UX and the Hook | UX Magazine

🔗 Research vs Vision: the origin story of Sony Walkman, Mini Cooper, and the iPhone | UX Collective

🔗 How We Redesigned Slack for the iPad |

🇺🇦 Як ми створили вебсайт та додаток для американського фінтех стартапу | Telegraph


👁 Earthbar — a brand that sells supplements, juices, smoothies, pantry and other wellness products

👁 Metaverse Istituto Marangoni — one of the first Metaverse spaces dediicated to the world of education

👁 Photographic Pictures — works of a contemporary German photographer Christian Werner

👁 MOTH — drink eCommerce redesign to unleash Moths across the UK | by Neverbland

👁 FarmSense — a USA-based innovative tech product that helps growers reduce losses from insect pests and lower dependence on pesticides | by Tubik

👁 The Estates — a collection of architecturally designed, interoperable, next-gen metaverse-compatible boutique house NFTs | by Center Lane Creative

👁 Nexus — an open platform for smart manufacturing collaboration and innovation | by Parallax

👁 Vurrle Studio — interior design firm website | by The First The Last

👁 Repeat — the easiest way for customers to buy again | by Studio Freight

👁 FREAK MAG. collects and deepens everyone’s “likes”, A variety of media of interest and interest. | Sono Inc.

👀 Візуальна комунікація

Статті та кейс стаді:

🔗 The unstoppable ubiquity of AI: Jessica Walsh on rebranding Isodope using Dall-E | It’s Nice That

🔗 Multimedia Artist Jaime Levy Was at the Forefront of Web Design Before Websites Even Existed | Eye On Design

🔗 Something Special Studios is raising the bar on collaboration and community building | It’s Nice That

🔗 Kinoto Studio on living a design double life, launching in a pandemic, and staying versatile | Creative Boom

🔗 The Daily Heller: Illustrating an Entire Startup From Head to Toe | Print Mag

🔗 Special edition of LogoArchive zine solidifies Ukrainian identity through publishing | Creative Boom

🔗 The Realities And Myths Of Contrast And Color | Smashing Magazine

🔗 The creative legacy of GIFs: Past, present, and future | It’s Nice That

🔗 How to Envision the Circular Packaging of the Future; Advice for Design Students | Dieline

🔗 Anna Johannes on why good design is design for everyone | Creative Review

🔗 Case Study: OOP. Daring Brand Identity Design for Flea Market | Muzli

🔗 Digital, Drawing & Doodles: 6 more brilliant illustrators from here, there and everywhere | The Brand Identity

🔗 Album Artworks According to AI | Curtis Berry

🔗 Antalis Creative Power Awards finalists: two design initiatives that exemplify design for good | The Brand Identity

🇺🇦 Ребрендинг R&D-центру британської фінтех-компанії з фокусом на Employer Brand | Cases.Media


👁 Beverage brand Taika | packaging by Eric Hu

👁 iota | the first nutritional bodycare brand by ROOK / NYC

👁 Snipfeed | new identity for ’link in bio’ service by Studio Nari

👁 Hide&Seek | rebranding by Fable&Co

👁 Gokusaishiki | personal abstract exploration by ATOM63 (You Zhang)

👁O Bar do Dragão | visual identity for the Brazilian izakaya by Monga

👁 Charge Amps | brand Identity by Essen

👁 “Secret Menu” | new magazine for DoorDash by Studio Yukiko

👁 Picsart | brand identity by The New Company

👁 Ula | branding by Matinée

👁 Alleima | brand identity by Kurppa Hosk

👁 Desapego | wine label design by Vinco Studio

👁 TILT | rebranding by Gusmanson

👁 okay so | branding for an online platform for Gen Z by The Branding People

👩‍🚀 Менеджмент, лідерство і кар’єрне зростання

🔗 Design 4.0: leading design in the new industry | UX Collective

🔗 How to manage difficult clients, with help from DesignStudio, How&How and An Open Understanding | The Brand Identity

🔗 Why designers quit | UX Collective

🔗 What we don’t talk about when we talk about diverse teams | Adobe Blog

🔗 Kerry Lyons on not being afraid to change course, even if you’ve built a successful venture | Creative Boom

🔗 Seven deadly-difficult client types, and how to deal with them | Creative Boom

🇺🇦 Раз і назавжди: Що треба знати, щоб створити успішне портфоліо |

🔠 Типографіка

🔗 20 of the best Google Fonts to play with in 2022 | Creative Boom

🔗 Braun font — a new typeface for Braun | iconwerk

🔗 Rupa Anurendra uses found objects and handwritten type to create designs with a personal touch | It’s Nice That

🔗 Tom Rickner of Monotype on why Akzidenz-Grotesk is so important to graphic design | Creative Boom

🔗 Steven Heller’s font of the month: Farandole Lustick | I Love Typography

🔗 Typefaces of Terror: Seven of the scariest fonts for Halloween | Creative Boom

🔗 Make Fonts, Not War with the ’70s-Inspired Freitag Typeface | PRINT Magazine

🔗 Nabla — an isometric COLRv1 variable font with Depth and Highlight axis | Google Fonts

🔗 Azul is a classic-modern display typeface inspired by the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Darío | Creative Boom

🇺🇦 NASTUP — Free Typeface | Maksym Kobuzan, zakznak fonts

🚀 Products and Tools


What’s new in Figma: September 2022 | Figma

Designing in the cloud with confidence | Figma


Glow-up: Eight new Sketch features you might’ve missed | Sketch

Benefits of working with Overlays in Sketch | Sketch

Everything you need to know about the Sketch Mac app | Sketch

🤔 Інше


Beat the creative industry’s seven deadly sins with these brilliant books | Creative Boom

Counter-Print celebrates the world’s best food and drink logos in fun new book | Creative Boom

Gamification at Work: Designing Engaging Business Software | Interaction Design Foundation

The 37 best graphic design books on branding, logos, theory and more | Creative Bloq


Anonymity, art, and avatars: The cost of fame and likeability | TEDxPortland

How “Spider-Verse” forced animation to evolve | Vox


Joseph Melhuish explains why “having fun” is the key to making work that resonates | It’s Nice That

Yoko Choy on Chinese design, East-West connections and modern brand communications | On Design podcast

Abstract: The Art of Design | Christoph Niemann: Illustration | Netflix

🤪 Меми

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