Безкоштовні курси Python with TEEI+DataCamp

Hi there!

I am Anasatasiia, volunteer from The Educational Equality Institute, with great news to DOU commumity.
I’m pleased to announce that we just launched our partnership with DataCamp , an online
learning platform specializing in teaching data literacy for all skill levels and roles. DataCamp
has donated many licenses to the The Educational Equality Institute Upskilling Program , so
our Ukrainian students can acquire essential IT skills and enhance their skills to become
more suitable candidates for employers. Everyone will find the course for their taste (more then 380 courses from 6000 are FREE for Ukrainian people).

Maybe you just wanted to take first steps towards Python learning OR dive deep. Just RockIT, as Maria, TEEI project manager, says.

Introduction to Python course: www.datacamp.com/...​o-python-for-data-science

Intermediate Python course: www.datacamp.com/...​urses/intermediate-python

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python: www.datacamp.com/...​y-data-analysis-in-python

This program is free and intended only for Ukrainians.
You can watch this short video TEEI with DataCamp if you are interested in how DataCamp works.

Also, sign-up now for our program in this questionnaire Python with TEEI and DataCamp free course

The Steps to be enrolled to FREE DataCamp courses:

1. Click on link and Sign-up:kindly share some information with our Team

registration to Python with TEEI and DataCamp free course

Sumbit it.

2. Your application will be reviewed, after submitting, by our Team.

3. Your access to DataCamp Ocean of FREE courses will be given.

Just Enjoy! Just RockIT, as Maria says!

Grow your skills!

Glory to Ukraine!

TEEI Team is doing all our best to help Ukrainian students Grow Skills faster!



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