Wanted: Technical partners for outsourcing startup

Foreign company is looking for experienced PHP/MySQL developers for an exciting project. Continue development of excisting projects in addition to take on new projects for foreign clients in the future. Excellent oportunity for experienced people who want to participating in creating a new team with possibilities for future partnership and with possibilty to work abroad.

Applicants should meet several of these requirements:

— Experience on senior developer level in PHP / MySQL
— Experience with XML
— Experience with Drupal
— Medium to good english knowledge

Location in Ukraine is still not decided. We setup the team where we find the best qualified staff in a city well communicated to an international airport.

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Experience on senior developer level in PHP / MySQL

Medium to good english knowledge

улыбнул ваш английский :)

он для него неродной, судя по линкедину

Hi Kim,

I think it will be better if you describe area (single complex product/site or many small ones) and level of rate you are plaining to pay.

Because Drupal mostly in use with small sites and experienced developers don’t need very often.

улыбнул ваш английский :)

Мы же программисты. Давайте вместе сделаем наш английский лучше?

I think it would be better if you described the area of work (single complex product or many small ones) and rate you are willing to pay.

Drupal is mostly used on small websites, and you don’t always need an experienced developer.

Поправьте кто-то, где не права? :)

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