Дайджест приколов 2016 года


What I learned about programmers by reading 200+ programming jokes (+ part 2).

Rada Invaders.

cube composer game.

Guide to software developer job advertisements.

So a Foo walks into a Bar...

Сервис генерирования отмазок.

UX job title generator.

O RLY Cover Generator.

Если бы программисты были уборщиками.

Software Development Explained with Cars.

How to Save the Princess in 8 Programming Languages.

Відомі девелопери розповіли про користь курсів.

100-Language Uroboros Quine.

4-bit Calculator made in cardboard and marble.

Slack client for Commodore 64.

Rube Goldberg machine in HTML forms.

Classic Programmer Paintings.

Homework Question: How do I write a program that produces the following output?

Source Code in TV and Films. Images of the computer code appearing in TV and films and what they really are.

Твиты (кстати, читайте DOU в твитере)


Things are mostly fine

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016


git merge

When someone doesn’t follow the coding style guidelines

Watching the last release on Friday at 6pm unfold

When I follow the documented steps to generate my release

When I wait for code completion

Our Development Process

How long it takes to complete the task


Подборка фан-видео от айтишников за 2015 год.

Hitler uses Docker

We’re Gonna Build a Framework

The Floppotron: Smells Like Nerd Spirit (подробности)


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