Profit Show XXI: Kristjan Hiiemaa, CEO and co-founder of

ERPLY is yet another success story from tiny Estonia. Winner of Seedcamp 2009, they now have big American retails such as Toys’R’us among their clients. As often the case, “overnight success story” turns out to be almost a decade long story of hard work, passion and luck. Enjoy!

00:20 What is ERPLY?
01:30 ERPLY’s modern history
06:20 From projects to products
08:15 The value of Seedcamp
14:30 Lessons learned from scaling ERPLY
19:30 Is Estonia good enough to grow a startup?
23:05 “Open your laptop and start doing something!”

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А че, гражданин по русски не таво ?

Интересное интервью, хорошие советы!

неплохо было бы добавить субтитры.

Честно говоря, не вижу необходимости. Вроде язык довольно простой.

Не-не-не, язык английский.. Точно.

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