The best IT company in Ukraine 2010 published results of our attempt to rank Ukrainian companies that provide software development and outsourcing services.

The purpose of the rating is two-fold. Firstly, it provides employers with valuable data as for how their employees view them, compared to other companies. Such benchmarking is very important for companies to stay competitive and move forward. Secondly, it gives insights about the market in general which is badly needed by companies as well as their business partners, clients and media.

The rating was held in September—October 2010 by

Employees rate their employer by answering questions of the online survey. Each question has a score. A total score of a company is calculated as a sum of individual scores.

There were 20 companies-contestants in 9 Ukrainian cities: Archer Software, Binary Studio, Ciklum, Cogniance, DataArt, ELEKS Software, GlobalLogic Ukraine, Grid Dynamics, Infopulse, Initto, Intellias, Intetics, Kuadriga, Luxoft Ukraine, Magento, Materialise, Railsware LLC, SDL Tridion Development Lab Ukraine, Serena Software, Sitecore Ukraine.

Our finding shows that salary and career opportunities are two most important value to the employees. This is probably a reflection of hot job market which forces companies to compete mostly on salaries.

Full results are available for free in our report in PDF:

For more information please contact us:
Max Ischenko [email protected]
cell: +380 50 1660266 // skype: max.ischenko

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if I understand correctly, all these companies are outsourcing. Perhaps that’s why they have such a good result. Customers often choose Ukraine to perform the work. I recommend that you read here . I think that the salary of the Ukrainian developers is still quite small. If we compare with the salaries of the developers in the USA.

I took part in the on-line survey. It was really anonymous. We got individual URLs pointing to the form on Only grand totals for whole company and anonymous comments from employees were delivered to company.

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