FrontEnd Developer в Незабугорье

Boris Manzhela

FrontEnd Developer в Незабугорье

О себе

Over the past 5 years, I have been helping small cross-functional R&D teams to create outstanding projects for UK/US/CIS markets. I work closely with BAs and PMs to develop interactive prototypes and deliver engaging interfaces. I design and write a lot of code.

I can maintain your:
— Product: competitors, features, JTBD
— Project: roadmap, process, team (some SCRUM-based approach )
— Prototyping: wireframes & stucture (plain paper/Axure)
— UI Design: usability & reusability (Fireworks/Sketch)
— FrontEnd: best practices & maintainability (SASS->CSS, Jade->HTML5, Javascript, Gulp, GitlabCI)

Current functions: 20% Product / 30% Design / 50% Code

I have been working as Front End Developer for many years now, but I am really keen on product management to impact on projects I love. To make products great. To make better world. To live.