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    Hello everyone. Started working here a year ago, I started my career as a sales person in IT here. I got to learn from the bests in the industry (slotegrator). The most positive office environment. I enjoyed going there every day. Everything an employee wishes for!


    Dear specialists. Before you apply for job at this place i would like to share my experience. Almost a month ago applied for Business development manager and received a call from HR which she forwarded me to another person to talk to. After 30 minutes on the phone was told that will be reached soon for the next step and after a week was sent a test task which i completed in short time and sent it back and later after the task after over 12 days another HR calls me and asks me to talk to another person urgently without any prior notification. I ask to be contacted next day but they refuse so I agreed to talk right away. I spent another 30 minutes on the phone and that person forwarded me to another person (PING PONG starts) and i spend another 30 minutes.
    Complete silence for days after the last call. I wrote them back to give me a feedback and all i get is "we will no proceed to next step of the process’’ No reason given. I ask for a reason professionally via email instead i get a call from one of the employee to convey the message that my ENGLISH is not good and i have an accent. (FYI i have finished my high school via Cambridge university). In short UNPROFESSIONAL. (If you go ahead anyways and apply do ask them about fines and penalties aswell)