JS fwdays conference — React, Vue, Node.js, Webpack plugins and more. Kyiv, March 14
Founder and CTO в Front.band

Alexey Bondarenko

Founder and CTO в Front.band

О себе

Specialist in Front-end development and organization of development processes.
Front-end development. Audit of existing code base. Development of front-end architecture. Documenting of applications. Developing codebase’ standards. Organizing development processes. Mentoring of front-end teams. Estimation of projects.

Our clients: startups, product teams, owners, designers what have an interest in web applications
We work on the SaaS solutions, custom efficient e-commerce projects and complex products.

We guarantee a production, high-quality application, on time and within budget. We will build not only the product itself but also the development system (in development rules and described processes), in which you would be able to easily integrate new frontend developers.