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Product Manager в Edunav

Andrei Karol

Product Manager в Edunav

О себе

I’m a Product Manager at California based start-up EduNav that helps the US students graduate in time by creating personal education plans.

Graduated from Gomel State Technical University in 2003 (ranked #1 in class). In 2007 finished Ph.D. course on Computer Algebra at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Certified Project Manager Professional (by PMI) since 2012.

As a Product Manager and CTO, I was leading numerous projects across different domains such as healthcare, mobile apps, oil&gas, logistic, metalworking, and technology consulting.

Since 2017, I have been leading a product management course ProductMan (iampm.club/productman) for those who want to become a Product Manager.

My passions are to create new opportunities and develop products that bring real value to people.