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Ruby on Rails developer

Andrew Zelenets

Ruby on Rails developer

О себе

I’m a motivated and technically proficient person who enjoys problem solving and has a keen appreciation for good design. My interests revolve around science, technology, music composing, psychology, design, drawing, photography and the outside world. I enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, cycling.
I am comfortable and experienced communicator, with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the public in writing, by telephone and in person. I have worked with clients from local traders to multinationals.
I am comfortable using most computing environments and applications and have a good understanding of database schematics, networks and internet technologies. I am a self­taught and adaptable programmer and have worked in several languages. I am continually striving to improve and expand my skills through self­teaching and online courses.

• Development of the imagination;
• Flexible reasoning;
• Analytical mind;
• The ability for abstraction;
• The ability to quickly find the required information;
• Proper expression of their thoughts;
• Organizational skills;
Personal qualities:
• Good communicator (Happy and comfortable talking openly to customers, suppliers and co­workers)
• Well rounded (I have professional experience at every level of the web design process)
• Fastidious (I enjoy my work. My satisfaction comes from getting it right. I don’t cut corners.)
• Sense of purpose, patience, accuracy;