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    Hi all! I’ve started my journey with Dev.Pro in 2017. During these 5 years I had different cases and stories with the company. Let me share my feedback:
    1. People-oriented company
    First of all, the company thinks about its contractors, supports contractors in hard times and reviews each request. For example, after the war started there was a group of people for emergency requests — they helped to find apartments and transfer.
    Also, our managers and HRs have 1-1s with contractors to discuss all questions and problems.
    2. Feedback and growth
    The next one I really appreciate is constant feedback. From the first day you receive feedback, periodical Performance review and have an opportunity to improve your skills and behavior. During this time I’ve increased my professional and seniority level.
    3. Well-structured approaches
    Also, processes in the company are well-structured — we have checklists, templates, standards. This helps to take under control all contractors’ lifecycles.

    Things we should continue to work on are:
    4. Automatization of our processes — we have a significant growth of contractors and company’s processes should grow in accordance (e.g. we’re implementing LMS, automized PRs, etc.).
    5. Continue working on creating a cross-cultural environment. During the last 2 years we started hiring outside the Ukraine. It’s quite a new experience to work with different countries.

    Summarizing all above, I definitely would recommend Dev.Pro to my friends as this company has mature approach, open-minded, flexible and people-oriented.