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    Hi, i’m backend developer
    Higher education: National Aviation University, full-time(now remotely)
    Faculty: Faculty of Cybersecurity, Computer and Software Engineering
    2021 (1st year)
    Specialty: Cybersecurity
    Knowledge and skills
    Professional skills:
    — C++ programming experience
    — basic knowledge in STL
    — good knowledge of algorithms
    — understanding of OOP principles
    — confident work with arrays
    — Knowledge of the preprocessor in C++
    — Understanding of C++ language
    Additional information:
    The ability to work in multitasking mode and high analytical skills allow me to work effectively with large amounts of information, quickly find high-quality solutions to complex problems. Quick learner.
    Foreign languages
    English — B2
    My tg: @s115577
    I am primarily looking for an internship or a junior developer position, preferably remotely or in Kyiv.