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  • Remote fullstacks in Ukraine?

    A bit late to the party, but this is still a valid question today. It would actually be interesting to get an update from the author on whether any steps had been taken to set up such a team and, if so, how everything turned out.

    As for the advice (perhaps for someone who may still be looking for an answer and is as late to this article as I am), the first thing to do is to decide whether you’d like this team to be completely remote or whether you’d like to set it up in a branch office. There are pro’s and con’s for each option. In a nutshell, an entirely remote team would be less expensive, but more challenging to manage.

    Whatever the option chosen, the next step is to consider multiple administrative, accounting, and managerial questions. In order to deal with such topics in the most effective and efficient manner, it is important to choose a local expert in Ukraine. And as with most industry experts, you get what you pay for. Choosing the cheap option may not get you anywhere and you’ll end up losing both time and money. It is much wiser to go for a trusted organization and to reach your goal within a specific time frame.

    Naturally, this is only some simple advice to get started, but starting right is one of the most important steps.