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Senior Project Manager в Perfectial

Denys Andreyev

Senior Project Manager в Perfectial

О себе

I’ve started working in IT industry from the January of 2006 and was involved in variety of software development projects, different by technology stacks and complexity, as Developer and Project Manager later. Working as a developer I’ve been able to gather great technical background helping me in my Project Management carrier today. Being Project Manager for last 5 years I’ve been working with different companies around the world especially USA, India and Chinese managing big distributed teams containing foreign staff. I familiar with the most popular software development frameworks and project management practices as a SCRUM, Extreme Programming and PMI processes. Professional in straight and high complexity projects required strict and accurate management. MS Project, TFS and SharePoint professional usage.

In a Project Management I love accuracy in the details, order and getting things done!

Specialties: Project Management in IT.