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Aladdin в D Integralas

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Some facts about me.

0) I started from game development in 1999. In 2000 I earned my first money from my own web site.

1) In 2015 I was certified by BrainBench as Master in Objective-C 2.0 with the #10 result worldwide among more than 1.000 test takers.

2) The article „Augmented Reality for Business: Benefits and Applications” by Elena Storozhkova with my direct speech is the #1 in Google for the request „Augmented Reality Business” and is quoted by Google (https://perfectial.com/blog/augmented-reality-for-business/).

3) The list of 100 Best Global Brands 2018 contains 4 companies I developed iOS apps for including Disney, H&M, Accenture (https://www.interbrand.com/best-brands/best-global-brands/2018/ranking/).

4) Hotstar was included by Apple to „Best of 2017. Trends of the Year”.

5) Hotstar was the #1 free app in iTunes Charts India.

6) Hotstar set a global record for concurrent views of a streaming video.
„Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Amazon and Google-owned YouTube can only dream about” (https://medium.com/@refsrc/indias-streaming-service-hotstar-draws-over-10-million-concurrent-viewers-sets-new-global-record-29746440dfb4).

7) Another app has 4.8 stars in App Store among 1 million votes.

8) My articles were included by DOU.ua to:
— Best Articles of 2018 (#3 best interview);
— Best Articles of 2016 (#4 best interview);
— Best Articles of 2015 (#4 best interview).

9) My articles were shared by Accenture, Mikheil Saakashvili, AIN.ua (3 times), Lviv IT Cluster (2 times), Perfectial (6 times), Beetroot, dev.by, РБК-Україна, Obozrevatel.ua, GDG DevFest Ukraine, Cogniance, Stanfy, Forex Club, InfoResist. Published by DOU.ua, IT ID Lviv, Вечерняя Макеевка.

10) iOS Digest on DOU.ua was my idea. I was its author for 3 years.

11) My direct speeches were included to 3 articles of Valentina Donchenko.
— „Что учить, Java или C#?” Востребованность и перспективы популярных языков (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/prog-lang-prospects/). Included by DOU.ua to Best Articles of 2017 as the #5 best article for novices.
— Туда и обратно: почему украинские разработчики возвращаются в Украину после эмиграции (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/relocate-return/).
— Робота як кохання: за що я люблю програмування (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/fall-in-love/).

12) 2 times I was a speaker at conferences.
— The first presentation of Accenture in Ukraine. JavaDay Lviv 2015.
— Augmented Reality and How We Can Use It. The keynote speach at IT Rally Starters 2018 in Ivano-Frankivsk (https://perfectial.com/news/perfectial-participates-rally-starters/).

13) Here is a news story about me by ICTV, the most popular TV channel of Ukraine: https://youtu.be/BsaHiGPoC4U (Миграция наоборот: почему украинские IT-шники возвращаются в Украину).