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Dim Walker

Aladdin в D Integralas

О себе

Some facts about me.

0) I started from game development in 1999. In 2000 I earned my first money from my own web site.

1) In 2015 I was certified by BrainBench as Master in Objective-C 2.0 with the #10 result worldwide among more than 1.000 test takers.

2) The article „Augmented Reality for Business: Benefits and Applications” by Elena Storozhkova with my direct speech is the #1 in Google for the request „Augmented Reality Business” and is quoted by Google (https://perfectial.com/blog/augmented-reality-for-business/).

3) The list of 100 Best Global Brands 2018 contains 4 companies I developed iOS apps for including Disney (https://www.interbrand.com/best-brands/best-global-brands/2018/ranking/).

4) Hotstar was included by Apple to „Best of 2017. Trends of the Year”.

5) Hotstar was the #1 free app in iTunes Charts India.

6) Hotstar set a global record for concurrent views of a streaming video.
„Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Amazon and Google-owned YouTube can only dream about” (https://medium.com/@refsrc/indias-streaming-service-hotstar-draws-over-10-million-concurrent-viewers-sets-new-global-record-29746440dfb4).

7) Another app has 4.8 stars in App Store among 1 million votes.

8) My articles were included by DOU.ua to:
— Best Articles of 2018 (#3 best interview);
— Best Articles of 2016 (#4 best interview);
— Best Articles of 2015 (#4 best interview).

9) My articles were shared by AIN.ua (5 times), dev.by, РБК-Україна, Obozrevatel.ua, Accenture, Mikheil Saakashvili, Lviv IT Cluster (2 times), Lviv Polytechnic National University (2 times), GDG DevFest Ukraine, YouControl, Beetroot, Perfectial (6 times), Forex Club.

10) iOS Digest on DOU.ua was my idea. I was its author for 3 years.

11) My direct speeches were included to 3 articles of Valentina Donchenko.
— „Что учить, Java или C#?” Востребованность и перспективы популярных языков (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/prog-lang-prospects/). Included by DOU.ua to Best Articles of 2017 as the #5 best article for novices.
— Туда и обратно: почему украинские разработчики возвращаются в Украину после эмиграции (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/relocate-return/).
— Робота як кохання: за що я люблю програмування (https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/fall-in-love/).

12) 2 times I was a speaker at conferences.
— The first presentation of Accenture in Ukraine. JavaDay Lviv 2015.
— Augmented Reality and How We Can Use It. The keynote speach at IT Rally Starters 2018 in Ivano-Frankivsk (https://perfectial.com/news/perfectial-participates-rally-starters/).

13) Here is a news story about me by ICTV, the most popular TV channel of Ukraine: https://youtu.be/BsaHiGPoC4U (Миграция наоборот: почему украинские IT-шники возвращаются в Украину).