QA engineer

Dmytro Poltoran

QA engineer

О себе

Professional skills:
— Clear understanding of software development life cycle
— Knowledge of test types and levels of testing
— Understanding of most popular test design technics: boundary, pair-wise, equivalent classes, etc
— Experience in creating Test Plans, Check-lists, Test Cases
— Experience in manual black-box testing of desktop and client server applications
— Experience with JIRA,TRELLO as bug-tracking system
— Understanding of Agile (Scrum,Kanban) methodology
— Selenium IDE, Jmeter, Chrome DevTools — self-educated basic usage experience
— Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL.

May2017 — till now
UCCI (, ) - QC engineer
— Tested Applications compatibility on different browser versions (IE,GC, Firefox)
— Actively participated in all QA and testing activities during acceptance testing and PROD SDLC
— Interact with Developers and Business Analysts to perform various types of testing throughout Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC).
— Tested the Application using Black box Testing Techniques.

March2017 — May2017
Pricel ( ) - QA engineer
— Worked with QA Lead Engineer to create test cases for the original application
— Learned the core concepts of testing, and became familiar with Agile.
— Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
— Completed regression, positive, negative, integration and functional testing to produce a bug free product.

January2017 — March2017
Tritonshoes ( ) - QA/QC engineer
— Manual testing of UI, GUI, Usability.
— Cross-browser testing (IE,GC,Mozilla FF, Safari)
— Creating Check Lists, Test Cases according to requirements and communication with dev team
— Defects investigation, reporting, tracking and verification (using TRELLO desk)
— Feature requests and usability remarks composing

February2016 — May2016
Fitfix LLC ( ) — QA engineer
— Manual testing of UI, GUI, Usability.
— Prepared quality assurance reports for each product line.
— Documented quality issues with software products.
— Implemented and updated bug tracking procedures.
— Identified software defects.

June2016 — November2016
Fitfix LLC ( ) — QA engineer
— Evaluated existing quality assurance methods and implemented cost-effective upgrades.
— Established and updated software testing programs and procedures.
— Executed software compatibility tests and documented the results.
— Provided quality updates to project managers.
— Ensured compliance with testing standards.

January 2017 — StartIT (, QA Start course (Poltoran Dmytro)

Personal skills:
I have an analytical mind. I am a very fast learner and always try to learn something new. I like to fully delve into the work and prefer to work quickly and efficiently. Also I have critical thinking, decision- making and problem solving skills, and self motivated, initiation skills, attention to details.
• Russian, Ukrainian — native
• English —Advanced