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Senior Software Engineer в EPAM

Oleksiy Pylypenko

Senior Software Engineer в EPAM

О себе

Working in Java software development for 6 years.

Have a lot of self-teaching experience just for fun: DOS/QB, VB, Borland C++ 3.1, Pascal, assemblers, protected mode app, Visual C++ 6, STL, linux, GCC, FreeBSD, QT — before University, and a bit of perl, ruby, python, C#, Java, PHP during
Have written simple compiler compiler, plot for implicit equations, protected mode memory allocator and freebsd kernel driver to restrict system calls for contest check system.

Some time ago participated ACM ICPC contests. Photos with honors: .
Familiar with many different algorithms and data structures.

During professional software development used: JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Apache Commons, EasyMock, JUnit, maven, SOLR/Lucene, ZooKeeper, cassandra, jersey/grizzly, tomcat, etc.

Recently played with: Scala, Bootstrap, Node.js.

Habrahabr article “How cassandra works”
Gathering “Software engineering knowledge base”

I use Linux at work and at home.

Looking forward for interesting projects.

Algorithms, computer search, high-load, news&media tech