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Python developer

Yehor Levchenko

Python developer

О себе

I am a dedicated creator.
As a developer i’ve started from game development years ago. With the passing of time i gained good understanding of complicated systems and detailed processes. I prefer deep special knowledge, mastering tools and languages, rather than picking the tops and scratching surfaces. Now i switched into full-time developer, now i am looking for the suiting environment (team, project, time scope) to grind my skills and the project/product to care about.

I have great management background.
I was a project manager in software development for years and definitely know how it works. Being a part of a team, keeping people motivated and busy, staying in touch with the client during the day, delivering great projects in tight cooperation — these were most important things for me.

I am business-oriented.
It is absolutely obvious, that writing code is a tool, not a goal. That is why i am interested in project, business goals and how can I help to achieve them with my skills and responsibilities.

I’ve been a part of remote and on-site teams, worked with Austria, USA, India, Canada, Ireland, Russia and Latvia on projects in different stages. I have seen a lot and I definitely want to see more.