JavaScript fwdays conference: performance, Node.js, animations, DevTools & more | Kyiv. March 14

Вячеслав Кондрашов

3d animator

О себе

— 10+ years of experience in the CG industry as a professional artist.
— Worked in various projects ranging from mobile and desktop games to animation
— Deep expertise in latest industry trends, programs and technologies.
— Expertise in art workflow development and project planning.
— Developed variety of projects, participated in exhibitions and conferences.
— Tons of experience :)
My Artworks In Projects
— Technological process presentation, Luxemburg, Coredtech engineering
— Eurovision Song Contest, Kiev 2005, STAIRSFOR creative studio
— Azara Advertising, USA (TV advertising 3d animation)
— Lennart im Grummeltal (Animated TV series for children), Germany
— Falyosa Family Factory logo, Ukraine Falyosa Family Factory
— MacKeeper, Ukraine, ZEO Alliance
— Age of Heroes, Ukraine, QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
PC, XBox, PS, Nintendo GAMES
— Yanderere School (Сhar. rigging, 3d animation),Tea & Cake Games
— World of tanks (XBox) (QA, modeling, texturing),
— World of warplanes (environment modeling, texturing, animation, export),
— NHL’11 (XBox) (UI development), Electronic Arts
— The Sims Medieval (PC-online) (modeling, texturing, animation), Electronic Arts
— The Clique: Diss and Make Up (Nintendo DS) (PM, QA, character modeling,
texturing, rigging, animation), Warner Bros.
— Three Kingdoms (Online) (PM, QA, characters modeling, texturing),
— Fame Academy: Dance Edition (PS) (production manager), Monte Cristo
Games/UbiSoft Entertainment
— Wrath Unleashed (XBox) (QA, modeling, texturing)The collective/LucasArts
— Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (XBox/PC) (environment modeling, texturing,
QA) The Collective/LucasArts
— Anarchy online (PC-online) (PM, QA), Funcom
— Spellbook (PC) (PM, QA), BTE soft
— Steel Squall: The Blaze of Eastern Front (PC) (PM, QA), Digital Art
— 3D Flower Tower (Mobile) (modeling, texturing, rigging, 3d animation, VFX)
QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
— Towers of Maya 3D (Mobile) (modeling, texturing, rigging, 3d animation, VFX),
QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
— 3D Mystic Ways (Mobile) (modeling, texturing, rigging, 3d animation, VFX),
QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
— Real Golf (Mobile) (modeling, texturing, VFX), QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
— Real 3D Camasutra (Mobile) (rigging, 3d animation), QPlaze/NOMOC Publishing
— Serso (UI/UX, modeling, texturing, 3d animation), Freelance project
— BitCloud (UI/UX), Freelance project