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Game Development Art Lead | Art Director | Art Manager в BOSS. Gaming solutions

Eugene Kuklev

Game Development Art Lead | Art Director | Art Manager в BOSS. Gaming solutions

О себе

Art Director of social, gambling, mobile and video game development with over 13 years leading Art department experience in more than 20 finished game projects.
Lead Artist of outsource AAA projects for EA, Sony, Bethesda etc.
Experienced in risk/crisis art department management.
Experienced in multiple game projects art development simultaneously.
Advanced expert in creating 2D art, 3D modeling (high-, low-poly, props, characters, environment and architecture), texturing (photoreal, cartoon), visualization, animation, digital/print design, UI/UX design and Art direction.

‣ Looking for and interviewing Artists/Animators/FX specialists and remote outsource teams.
‣ Art team development and management, staff training and constant quality improvement.
‣ Development of games style from concept to the final polishing.
‣ Developing design and technical documents for art assets creation.
‣ Building and managing art production pipelines.
‣ Time estimating, assignment and managing tasks, building schedules with Gantt-chart and SCRUM supporting.
‣ Organizing and inspecting art assets storing with cloud and SVN supporting.
‣ Art directing, quality controlling, writing feedback and acceptance the final work of multidisciplinary artists, including character, environment, VFX, animation, UI, and others.
‣ Organizing cooperative work of multi-styles art team and outsource teams.