Senior Java Developer в Fispan
  • IntelliCeed Inc.

    I had the privilege of working at Intelliceed for three years, joining the company when it was just starting out with a team of three people. Throughout my tenure, I witnessed Intelliceed’s remarkable growth to a team of 20+ members. As a junior Java engineer, I had the opportunity to progress and become a senior engineer. Intelliceed provided a conducive environment for learning, a strong focus on employee growth, and a remarkable work-life balance. The company culture was inclusive and fostered collaboration, while the team boasted experienced professionals and a highly skilled CEO.


    — Learning Opportunities: Intelliceed provided a platform to expand my knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and enhance my skills.
    — Technology Selection: As part of the team, I had the chance to contribute to the decision-making process for selecting the technology stack for projects.
    — Management Support: The management at Intelliceed demonstrated genuine interest in the professional growth of their employees, offering guidance and mentorship opportunities.
    — Work-Life Balance: Intelliceed placed a strong emphasis on work-life balance, organizing events and activities to foster a positive work environment.
    — Company Culture: The company had a great culture that promoted collaboration, creativity, and innovation, with an open-door policy that encouraged idea sharing.
    — Experienced Team and Skilled CEO: Working alongside experienced professionals and under the leadership of a skilled CEO greatly influenced my growth and development.


    — None: Throughout my experience at Intelliceed, I did not encounter any significant drawbacks or cons worth mentioning.