Technical Lead Engineer в DGN Games

George Markosian

Technical Lead Engineer в DGN Games

О себе

Hello there! =)
I’m a software engineer and team leader with 15 years of total experience. Product quality and team spirit are my main priorities.

Currently I’m leading a great team at DGN Games in Kiev. We’re developing one of the finest social casino games using Unity, Flash, NodeJs and Go.

Behind my shoulders are years of development of back-end and front-end for massive cross-platform mid-core strategies, casual farm-type games, online multiplayer card-battle games with realtime battle mechanics. I have plenty of hands-on experience with technology stack of .NET (C#), Java, NodeJs, MySQL, Unity, Flash, Adobe AIR, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Besides development I’m also experienced in team building, team management, personal development, requirements analysis, risk analysis, project planning, resource planning and processes tuning.

Always glad to hear from former teammates.
Ping me ;)