Software engineer в Railsware
  • Railsware

    I’ve been working in Railsware for about 4.5 years. Since that time I have grown my skills in different areas — technical, management, soft.
    There are fair relationships as everything that we agreed on initially came true. I’m flexible in choosing what to work from (yeah, currently everybody does this but it was like that since the beginning) and when to work. There are some team agreements and rules but in general I’m free to adjust my schedule.
    The company encourages involvement into different processes — T-shape growing. Up to your preference you can grow multiple directions. So, after 2.5 years I began participating in hiring processes doing full day interviews and people’s technical onboarding.
    A feedback culture allows you to understand your weak sides and actually boosts learning. And the last one is challenging tasks from different perspectives as I’m able to work with different languages and on different architecture level.