former Event Manager в Innovecs
  • Innovecs

    Innovecs is not just about the business, it’s also about it’s employees! And it’s not just some random phrase!
    With their majority of benefits, treats, and educational programs, company trying to help everyone to grow not only as a professional but also as a loyal and smart member of Innovecs family!
    I worked at Innovecs for almost 3 awesome years and know the company from it’s inside, so just believe me — it’s worth to give yourself such an opportunity to work for such loyal and progressive employer as Innovecs.
    Many thanks to Alex Lutskiy and Iryna Chubur for their support, credit of trust and for being the best managers I’ve ever had!
    If you want me to characterize company in 3 specifications, it’ll be: very sane and loyal management, highly professional growth environment, innovators and trouble-shooters!