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Business Analyst в Eva

Project Manager

Business Analyst в Eva

О себе

September 2018 — now — Business Analyst at Eva.
Eva is the biggest (850 shops) in Ukraine retail company in decorative cosmetics and household chemicals.
Key responsibilities:
In collaboration with the stakeholders developing project plans.
Arranging, managing work meetings.
Negotiating with the contractors in order to make the best and low cost solution.
Analyzing business needs and possible solutions.
Creating shared understanding on project scope with the stakeholders.
Present to stakeholders reports on progress.
User acceptance testing.
Gather feedback from the users about the feature we deliver, analyzing it.

March 2018 — August 2018 — Project Manager, Business Analyst at Molfar.io.
Startup-oriented outsourcing company. IOS, Android, Web apps.
Key responsibilities:
Study customer’s business, competitors and industry requirements. Study the product, identify the target customers.
Defining, formulating functionality scope and objectives.
Analyzing possible ways to implement the functionality needed.
Author and maintain project documentation.
Implementing agile meetings: sprint planning, daily standups, sprint delivery, retrospective.
Monitor and report on project progress.
Initiating software enhancing.
Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings.

December 2016 — July 2017 — Project Manager at Lanars.
Outsourcing company. IOS, Android, Web apps.
Key responsibilities:
Decomposing large epic stories into features and user stories.
Identifying resources needed, planning Project Resources.
Leading focus groups.
Creating UML diagrams, prototypes, specifications.
Backlog grooming.
Monitoring the process, coordinating project team members.
Product delivery management.

August 2016 — December 2016 — Head of Project Management Department at Amconsoft.
Outsourcing company. IOS, Android, Web apps.
Key responsibilities:
Gathering requirements.
Creating prototypes, Tech Tasks.
Provide coaching to PM trainees.
Support and direct team.

October 2015 — August 2016 — Project Manager at Mcart.
Outsourcing company. Web apps, portal using Bitrix24.
Key responsibilities:
Develop recommendations to solve problems and issues related to the software.
Processing change requests.
Arrange and lead meetings, documenting and analyzing the results.
Prioritizing tasks in taught resource constraints.
Facilitating team work.
Testing the functionality.

January 2014 — October 2014 — Account, sales Manager at Trud.com.
Product company, product is vacancies aggregator.
Key responsibilities:
Tech Support (first line of Tech Support).
Provide guidance in service using.
Monitoring customers satisfaction level.
Identifying pain points, escalating them to the Product Manager as a suggestion for the service enhancements.
Making financial reports.

2007 — 2013 — psychologist, trainer, tutor, coach.

Additional activities:
July 2018 — now — attendee of Mafia game.
June 2018 — until now — attendee of local bicyclers community.
June 2017 — until now — attendee of strategic Board games club.
September 2014 — until now — attendee of Ice-hole divers.
January 2016 — July 2017 — organisator of Speaking club.

2007 — 2012 — National University, Department of psychology, specialist.
2003 — 2006- Chemical University, Department of Macromolecular compounds. Not finished since realized the education is not something I am going to do in my life.
2018 — Stanford university Startup course (reviewing the course).
All the time — Conferences, meetups, workshops

Perfect work for me:
— Dynamic, open to changes. Welcoming initiative.
— Friendly, multinational, diverse, tolerant.
— Passionate about the products they work on.
— Business-oriented. Making the impossible possible.
Interesting product, for example, Marketing, analytics, customer experience, entertainment, retail, education, healthcare, fitness, psychology, motivation, real estate.
Not the next domains: Cigarette, alcohol, junk food, patrol cars, skin, meat production, gambling.
It would be perfect: new technologies such as AI, AR, blockchain, Big Data.
Competitive salary. At the starting point just enough to leave in the city with 2 kids.
Salary review every 6 months.