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Executive Recruiting Manager в SD Solutions

Lera Lashkul

Executive Recruiting Manager в SD Solutions

О себе

Recruitment professional with 4+ years of experience in IT area.
Сonnect interesting people with interesting projects :)

Work with startups and product companies. Area of expertise: RoR, Java, Python, Node.js, React, React Native.

Open vacancies in SD Solutions:
1. Senior Ruby to lead project: a cloud broadcasting platform that creates engaging Facebook Live broadcasts.

2. Strong Middle Ruby Fullstacks to work in team described above.

3. Mid or Senior Python to develop cloud and user interface for autonomous robotic products for the service domain.

4. Mid or Senior Frontend on the same project (look p.3).

5. Middle Data Scientist who enjoy to work with Java and Matlab on start-up, which is creating a neural network based software for a machine maintenance problems in industry.

6. Middle Devops with Azure also on project from p.5

7. Jn to Mid VR/AR Developer even with pet-project experience in this technologies.