Python conf in Kharkiv, Nov 16 with Intel, Elastic engineering leaders. Prices go up 21.10
Technical Recruiter в Ring Ukraine

Lily Sadyllayeva

Technical Recruiter в Ring Ukraine

О себе

Random facts about me:
1. Technology lover, that’s why I became a technical recruiter.
2. Enjoy the process of staffing very challenging positions.
3. Finding the right people for my company and the right approach to my candidates makes me truly happy and pleased with my job.
4. If I were a programmer, I would be a Python dev for sure:)
5. I am an iOS fan, however, I looooooveee staffing Android positions:)
6. I am good at remembering names, numbers, random facts, however, I fail when it comes to learning poems or songs.
7. I can speak Japanese.
8. I don’t confuse Java with JS:)