Project Manager/Scrum Master

Nikolay Nikiforov

Project Manager/Scrum Master

О себе

Accredited Certification as Scrum Master in Scrum Institute (2019). Scaled Agile Safe for Teams Course (2019).

• Proficient in working with Scrum methodology and management of the projects.

• Good knowledge of Implementing Scrum practices; Initial assessment of tasks; Analyzing and collection of project requirements; Development of the detailed project plan to track progress using MP; Ability to lead several projects simultaneously; Preparation of different types of reports using delivery and technical metrics; Managing issues and risks; Managing project budget, scope and quality; Focuses on continuous improvement, ensuring the success of the products and projects; Analyses and assesses new ideas, considering risks, opportunities and impacts; Measure project (team, developer) performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques; Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders.

• Deep experience in projects with different areas and difficulty.

• Innovative, profit-oriented person with the ability to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements and incorporate business process initiatives to increase efficiency, streamline operations and decrease aggregate expenses with limited resources. I am able to lead teams on different kinds of projects where the highest standards are routinely demanded.