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Oleg Babii

c++ developer

О себе

Oleg Babii
mail: cpp1@meta.ua
C++ developer, more then 10 years experience: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Visual Studio, STL, SQL, GUI, CAD/CAM/CAE

  • Windows, Linux;
  • C++, Lua, STL, GUI, OpenGL, gcc, svn; programming for CAD/CAE;
  • Mac OsX, Mac Os9: Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6.0 (compiler for Mac OS); PowerPlant 2.1 (C++ object library);
English: speaking, reading, writing, level is well.
Education: Master of Science, Solid States Physics (1987). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MFTI) (1981–1987). Moscow, Russia.

Programmer Experience

12/2012 — 3/2014, Luxoft
C++, Perforce.
Development of automotive multimedia applications of Ferrari and then Daimler.

01/2010 — 11/2012, ERS games studios
Games development. C++, Lua

06/2005 — 12/2008, GfK Ukraine
Senior Programmer C++/C#/C, STL, algorithms, SQL, Windows.
Reorganization of soft from old version to new one (more then three years of team job). My tasks:

  1. File system in real file.
  2. Developing of converter: program (console exe) for converting part of data base. Developing of specification, algorithms, implementation of C++ code (using STL), discussion with German manages using Skype phone and chat. Creating new versions of this program on the base of new requirements from European managers. Estimation of resources (job time) needed for job.
  3. Developing version of this converter to form of DLL having # interface and with changes of functionality for using by other European department.
  4. Developing sources reading DB (part of large project), C++, STL.
  5. Successful solving urgent tasks: assistance to other programmers, substituting other programmers, testing (which can not be done by testers) parts of projects.

11/2002 — 06/2005, Lavatera
Programmer C++, GUI, gcc, STL, OpenGL, Linux/Windows, svn (cvs)
Developing Linux/Windows applications for 3d-modeling (CAD/CAE) using triangle meshes for engineers working with mechanical design.

  1. Developing program for calculating 3D meshes (algorithms improvement).
  2. Developing program for calculating filling and merging fuel tank of free geometry and topology having free located perforations (algorithms, GUI, OpenGL).
  3. Participation in developing program for mechanical optimization of constructions (GUI, OpenGL, presentation model data in “file” tree in window, developing mesh algorithms for modeling surface contacts).
The 2nd and the 3td Degree in USSR School Olympiads at Physics in 1981 and 1979.