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Embedded C developer в Freelancer Uninion

Oleg Yakovlev

Embedded C developer в Freelancer Uninion

О себе

C, G (LabView), C#, Java, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Any *nixes, Design Patterns, XP, Scrum, Adgile, Waterfall, CMMI, Software Development, Software Project Management, Android development, Mobile Device Management, J2EE Application Development, Mobile Product Development, Telecommunication, eTOM, Billing, OSS, BSS, Mediation, Reporting, embedded & real time programming, measurement automation, Cloud Computing, SDN

• Huge experience in computer science and programming techniques (more 25 years)
• Design, development, implementation and support of complex information systems (mostly Billing, OSS, BSS, Mediation)
• Leadership of IT department, Project management, technical expertise of various IT related projects
• Project Management (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall)
• Knowledge in software development process methodology (CMMI)
• Business Analysis, Business Processes Implementation (eTOM processes)
• Operations Management in Telecommunication, IT or other HiTech company.
• Design, development and management of global (wide regional) real time Information System.
• Complex measurement and embedded programming techniques based on C and NI LabView

Soft Skills:
— Good negotiator with good communication and presentation skills.
— Experienced to discuss project related matters with commercial, non-technical & technically skilled people.
— Can easily communicate with customers and represent company’s interests during negotiations with third parties.
— Good organizer with basic project management skills, able to plan a project, follow-up and take appropriate actions.
— Crisis manager, problem solver, able to handle stress situations.
— Customer focused and result oriented.
— Excellent experience to work independently with minimal supervision.
— Able to easily cope with different cultural specificities in a multicultural, innovative and changing environment.