Oleh Kapustianov

О себе

I am an expert in Software Development and Electronics with 7 years of commercial experience in product and outsourcing companies. My areas of interest are Mobile Applications and Machine Learning.

I help businesses and startups:
+ design and develop native mobile iOS/Android applications from scratch ’turnkey’
+ translate the client’s business requirements into complete software technology solutions
+ provide the best practices and state-of-the-art concepts of software application development
+ manage small teams, calculate task estimations and optimize implementation costs

How do I do that?
+ following Agile methodology making frequent but small product releases with lower risks
+ participation with other teams in client meetings to explain software solution approaches
+ maintenance technical expertise by reviewing professional articles and taking part in conferences
+ mentorship and training junior colleagues as well as interviewing new candidates

Learn more at www.olehkapustianov.com.