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Java Android Developer в E-legion

Paul Tikhonov

Java Android Developer в E-legion

О себе

Hello. My name is Pavel.
I’m a Java/Kotlin Android Developer from Odessa, Ukraine.

Been developing for Android for last 2 years.

There is a link to my repositories on the GitHub — https://github.com/Pahanuch
Resume: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G4Zaw0mSVCnErXSQSE2Li47WayM5Qw-c/view

• I’m a sportsman. I work out in the gym. And I was a member of the soccer team. We were one of the best teams in our region.
• I’m a musician. I play guitar about 9 years.

I always try to do my best in everything I began to successfully complete this. And I never give up