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Junior front-end developer

Petrov Hennadii

Junior front-end developer

О себе

In 2012 i graduated academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and was serving for 5 ears in border divisions as officer. In 2017 term of contract was over and I quit service. Since 2018 till today I’m learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS and another technologies needed for position of junior front-end developer. At now I’m looking for vacancy of this position. In addition i know English — B1(intermediate), Polish — B2(Upper Intermediate) languages. This is my link on GitHub https://github.com/Gesha1990;
And my portfolio on GitHub pages:
1) https://gesha1990.github.io/todo_list_imperative/;
2) https://gesha1990.github.io/todo_listMVC/;
3) https://gesha1990.github.io/weather_app/;
4) https://gesha1990.github.io/test_task/;