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Technical QA Manager в Waverley

Sergey Korol

Technical QA Manager в Waverley

О себе

Started career as a manual QA. Have passed a long way from Junior up to Test Lead position. Have 5+ years experience in a management of test teams up to 5 members for projects of different complexity. Since 2012 have been fully concentrated on software test automation (mostly web direction). Developed several selenium-driven frameworks with successful usage experience on big projects.

Consulting and mentoring automation engineers within local / customers teams and via external consulting services. Providing internal QAA trainings. Actively participating in code review processes. Continuously improving skills in Java / JS and latest web automation trends. Tech talks / conferences speaker. QAA blogger.

Strong experience in testing of large scale, highly available / specific private B2C / B2B applications including Internet shops, jobs / health & care sites, cloud payment solutions, financial and secret government applications, etc.

Strong knowledge of software testing fundamentals, testing throughout the software life cycle, test design techniques, test management and tool support for testing.