HR BP – Viseven Group
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    Ищем талантливых DevOps Engineer в наш житомирский офис!
    Are you passionate about solving large scale, complex software engineering problems?
    Do you value agile development principles? Do you want to build world class systems
    and services using modern technologies?
    If you’ve answered yes to those questions, Viseven is the right place for you!
    We believe that we have found the perfect work -life balance.
    We encourage individual personal growth beyond the office hours.
    Bring along your hobby, there is a big chance you will find a colleague to share it with.

    Job requirements:
    Strong knowledge:
    GNU / Linux strong common knowledge, troubleshooting, configuration.
    Basic knowledge of Windows server
    Bash: scripting, automating
    CI: Jenkins, Gitlab-CI
    Git, Git-flow, Gitlab
    Virtualization: Docker
    Orchestration: Kubernetes, Swarm, Cattle, etc.
    Monitoring: ELK stack, Prometheus or etc
    DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, etc.
    Web servers: apache, nginx, IIS
    Experience with proxys and load balancers
    Experience in working with both clouds (Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.) and baremetal servers
    Configuration tools knowledge is highly advantageous (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
    Message Brokers: Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, etc.
    Service discovery and Configuration: Consul, ZooKeeper, doozerd, etcd, etc.
    Priority personality traits
    Good social skills
    Quick understanding and learning abilities
    Ability to multitask

    DevOps Job Description:
    Perform complex Linux administrative activities
    Perform troubleshooting and repair work at hardware and software levels
    Diagnose, isolate, troubleshoot and fix technical issues
    Provide assistance with automation of software installation processes
    Create, update, maintain administrative Linux shell scripts
    Train, comply with and improve operation procedures
    Participate in capacity planning
    Planning, installation and maintaining various test and production environments using industries best practices
    Contribute to the continuous improvements of the Platform monitoring and logging functions
    Contribute to the continuous improvements of the Platform for business continuity and effective disaster recovery

    What we offer:
    We understand that our employees are essential to making our goals a reality, so we value and empower them to share their vision. And we reward this kind of passion with a highly competitive salary and exceptional benefits, such as:
    Paid vacation (24 calendar days), official employment.
    Health&wellness management program: on-site gym, seasonal membership in the best-in-town fitness club, weekly volleyball and soccer trainings.
    Specialized English learning courses for IT sector.
    Web-based courses on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, Git & Gitflow.
    Professional Reader Club, where we refer to and discuss the best business practices of the industry.
    Opportunities to participate in Professional international forums and conferences.

    To join our company, simply send your CV to [email protected] and we will get in touch with you.